Terrier IR Platform

Package uk.ac.gla.terrier.utility.io

Interface Summary
FileSystem This is the Terrier File Abstraction Layer interface depicting the operations available for a file system.

Class Summary
CountingInputStream Sub-Class of Filter Input Stream with the extra method getPos which returns the position in the Stream
HadoopPlugin This class provides the main glue between Terrier and Hadoop.
HadoopPlugin.JobFactory a Job Factory is responsible for creating Terrier Map Reduce jobs.
HadoopUtility Utility class for the setting up and configuring of Terrier MapReduce jobs
HTTPFileSystem Implements a read-only HTTP file system for Terrier.
LocalFileSystem This is a Terrier File Abstraction Layer implementation of the local file system.

Exception Summary
WrappedIOException A class for IOException.

Terrier IR Platform

Terrier Information Retrieval Platform 2.2.1. Copyright 2004-2008 University of Glasgow