Interface FatResultSet

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    FatCandidateResultSet, FatQueryResultSet

    public interface FatResultSet
    extends ResultSet,
    A result set that encapsulates the postings for terms within the query
    Craig Macdonald
    • Method Detail

      • getPostings

        WritablePosting[][] getPostings()
        Returns a 2D array of posting objects for the document and terms in this result set. The array is indexed by document then by term. The first dimension retains the same order as the Docids array of the result set. The second dimension has the same ordering as the QueryTerms/EntryStatistics arrays.
        2D array of postings.
      • getKeyFrequencies

        double[] getKeyFrequencies()
        Return the frequencies of each of the query terms in the query
      • setKeyFrequencies

        void setKeyFrequencies​(double[] ks)
      • getTags

        java.util.Set<java.lang.String>[] getTags()
        Return the tags of each of the query terms in the query
      • setTags

        void setTags​(java.util.Set<java.lang.String>[] ks)
      • getEntryStatistics

        EntryStatistics[] getEntryStatistics()
        Return the EntryStatistics of each of the query terms in the query
      • getCollectionStatistics

        CollectionStatistics getCollectionStatistics()
        Get the collection statistics that should be applied when (re)scoring any documents in this query
      • getQueryTerms

        java.lang.String[] getQueryTerms()
        Get the query terms in this query. This might be encoded in PostingListManager form
      • setQueryTerms

        void setQueryTerms​(java.lang.String[] qs)
      • setDocids

        void setDocids​(int[] ds)
      • setOccurrences

        void setOccurrences​(short[] os)
      • setScores

        void setScores​(double[] ss)