Class TaggedDocument

    • Field Detail

      • logger

        protected static final org.slf4j.Logger logger
      • tokenMaximumLength

        protected static final int tokenMaximumLength
        The maximum length of a token in the check method.
      • lowercase

        protected static final boolean lowercase
        Change to lowercase?
      • stringArray

        protected final String[] stringArray
        A temporary String array
      • br

        protected Reader br
        The input reader.
      • EOD

        protected boolean EOD
        End of Document. Set by the last couple of lines in getNextTerm()
      • counter

        protected long counter
        The number of bytes read from the input.
      • lastChar

        protected int lastChar
        Saves the last read character between consecutive calls of getNextTerm().
      • error

        protected boolean error
        Indicates whether an error has occurred.
      • _tags

        protected TagSet _tags
        The tags to process or skip.
      • _exact

        protected TagSet _exact
        The tags to process exactly. For these tags, the check() method is not applied.
      • _fields

        protected TagSet _fields
        The tags to consider as fields.
      • stk

        protected Stack<String> stk
        The stack where the tags are pushed and popped accordingly.
      • inTagToProcess

        protected boolean inTagToProcess
        Indicates whether we are in a tag to process.
      • inTagToSkip

        protected boolean inTagToSkip
        Indicates whether we are in a tag to skip.
      • htmlStk

        protected Set<String> htmlStk
        The hash set where the tags, considered as fields, are inserted.
      • inHtmlTagToProcess

        protected boolean inHtmlTagToProcess
        Specifies whether the tokeniser is in a field tag to process.
      • currentTokenStream

        protected TokenStream currentTokenStream
      • abstractnames

        protected final String[] abstractnames
        The names of the abstracts to be saved (comma separated list)
      • abstracttags

        protected final String[] abstracttags
        The fields that the named abstracts come from (comma separated list)
      • abstractlengths

        protected final int[] abstractlengths
        The maximum length of each named abstract (comma separated list)
      • abstractTagsCaseSensitive

        protected final boolean abstractTagsCaseSensitive
      • abstractCount

        protected final int abstractCount
        number of abstract types
      • abstracts

        protected final StringBuilder[] abstracts
        builders for each abstract
      • abstractName2Index

        protected final gnu.trove.TObjectIntHashMap<String> abstractName2Index
        A mapping for quick lookup of abstract tag names
      • considerAbstracts

        protected final boolean considerAbstracts
        Flag to check that determines whether to short-cut the abstract generation method
      • elseAbstractSpecialTag

        protected int elseAbstractSpecialTag
        else field index
      • maxNumOfDigitsPerTerm

        protected static final int maxNumOfDigitsPerTerm
        The maximum number of digits that are allowed in valid terms.
        See Also:
        Constant Field Values
      • maxNumOfSameConseqLettersPerTerm

        protected static final int maxNumOfSameConseqLettersPerTerm
        The maximum number of consecutive same letters or digits that are allowed in valid terms.
        See Also:
        Constant Field Values
    • Constructor Detail

      • TaggedDocument

        public TaggedDocument(InputStream docStream,
                      Map<String,String> docProperties,
                      Tokeniser _tokeniser)
        Constructs an instance of the class from the given input stream.
        docStream -
        docProperties -
        _tokeniser -
      • TaggedDocument

        public TaggedDocument(InputStream docStream,
                      Map<String,String> docProperties,
                      Tokeniser _tokeniser,
                      String doctags,
                      String exactdoctags,
                      String fieldtags)
        Constructs an instance of the class from the given input stream.
        docStream -
        docProperties -
        _tokeniser -
        doctags -
        exactdoctags -
        fieldtags -
      • TaggedDocument

        public TaggedDocument(Reader docReader,
                      Map<String,String> docProperties,
                      Tokeniser _tokeniser)
        Constructs an instance of the class from the given reader object.
        docReader - Reader the stream from the collection that ends at the end of the current document.
    • Method Detail

      • getReader

        public Reader getReader()
        Returns the underlying buffered reader, so that client code can tokenise the document itself, and deal with it how it likes.
        Specified by:
        getReader in interface Document
      • getNextTerm

        public String getNextTerm()
        Returns the next token from the current chunk of text, extracted from the document into a TokenStream.
        Specified by:
        getNextTerm in interface Document
        String the next token of the document, or null if the token was discarded during tokenisation.
      • processEndOfDocument

        protected void processEndOfDocument()
      • saveToAbstract

        protected void saveToAbstract(String text,
                          String tag)
        This method takes the text parsed from a tag and then saves it to the abstract(s). This method contains the logic to decide whether indeed the text or some subset of it should be saved. The default behaviour checks each abstract named in TaggedDocument.absracts, if for an abstract we are in the correct field (specified in TaggedDocument.abstracts.tags) and then it saves up to maximum character length specified in TaggedDocument.abstracts.lengths. The 'ELSE' abstract tag is a special case that will be filled with any tag that is not added to an existing abstract. TaggedDocument should be sub-classed and this method overwritten if you want to save abstracts in a different manner, e.g. saving the first paragraph.
        text - - the text to be saved
        tag - - the tag that this text came from
      • getFields

        public Set<String> getFields()
        Returns the fields in which the current term appears in.
        Specified by:
        getFields in interface Document
        HashSet a hashset containing the fields that the current term appears in.
      • endOfDocument

        public boolean endOfDocument()
        Indicates whether the tokenizer has reached the end of the current document.
        Specified by:
        endOfDocument in interface Document
        boolean true if the end of the current document has been reached, otherwise returns false.
      • processEndOfTag

        protected void processEndOfTag(String tag)
        The encountered tag, which must be a final tag is matched with the tag on the stack. If they are not the same, then the consistency is restored by popping the tags in the stack, the observed tag included. If the stack becomes empty after that, then the end of document EOD is set to true.
        tag - The closing tag to be tested against the content of the stack.
      • check

        public static String check(String s)
        Checks whether a term is shorter than the maximum allowed length, and whether a term does not have many numerical digits or many consecutive same digits or letters.
        s - String the term to check if it is valid.
        String the term if it is valid, otherwise it returns null.
      • getProperty

        public String getProperty(String name)
        Allows access to a named property of the Document. Examples might be URL, filename etc.
        Specified by:
        getProperty in interface Document
        name - Name of the property. It is suggested, but not required that this name should not be case insensitive.
      • setProperty

        public void setProperty(String name,
                       String value)
        Allows a named property to be added to the Document. Examples might be URL, filename etc.
        name - Name of the property. It is suggested, but not required that this name should not be case insensitive.
        value - The value of the property
      • getAllProperties

        public Map<String,String> getAllProperties()
        Returns the underlying map of all the properties defined by this Document.
        Specified by:
        getAllProperties in interface Document
      • main

        public static void main(String[] args)
        Static method which dumps a document to System.out
        args - A filename to parse
      • generateDocumentFromFile

        public static Document generateDocumentFromFile(String filename)
        instantiates a TREC document from a file
      • dumpDocument

        public static void dumpDocument(Document d)
        Dumps a document to stdout
        d - a Document object

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