Uses of Interface

Packages that use FieldPosting
org.terrier.structures.indexing.singlepass Provides implementation of the structures needed for performing a single pass indexing 
org.terrier.structures.postings Provides classes representing single postings and atreams of postings in a posting list (e.g. 

Uses of FieldPosting in org.terrier.structures.indexing.singlepass

Classes in org.terrier.structures.indexing.singlepass that implement FieldPosting
protected  class BlockFieldPostingInRun.bfPIRPostingIterator
protected  class FieldPostingInRun.fPIRPostingIterator

Uses of FieldPosting in org.terrier.structures.postings

Classes in org.terrier.structures.postings that implement FieldPosting
 class ArrayOfFieldIterablePosting
          An instance of IterablePostings that works with passed arrays of ids and frequencies for each field.
 class BlockFieldIterablePosting
          class BlockFieldIterablePosting
 class BlockFieldORIterablePosting
          ORIterablePosting implementation that implements FieldPosting and BlockPosting
 class BlockFieldPostingImpl
          A writable block field posting list
 class FieldIterablePosting
          A posting iterator for field postings.
 class FieldORIterablePosting
          ORIterablePosting implementation that implements FieldPosting
 class FieldPostingImpl
          Implementation of a posting containing fields

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