Package org.terrier.matching

Provides the classes and interfaces used for matching documents to queries.


Interface Summary
Matching Interface for all Matching implementations.
Model This interface encapsulates all the common functionality between standard IR models (including DFR models, TF/IDF, BM25 etc), and Language Modelling models (Terrier includes PonteCroft Language Modelling model).
PostingListManager.PostingListManagerPlugin Interface for plugins to further alter the posting lists managed by the PostingListManager
ResultSet The interface that defines the functionalities of a result set.

Class Summary
AccumulatorResultSet A result set instance that uses maps internally until initialise() is called
BaseMatching Performs the matching of documents with a query, by first assigning scores to documents for each query term and modifying these scores with the appropriate modifiers.
CollectionResultSet This class implements the interface ResultSet and models the set of all documents in the collection.
MatchingQueryTerms Models a query used for matching documents.
MatchingQueryTerms.QueryTermProperties The weight and the modifiers associated with a query term.
OldBasicMatching This is the original matching implementation of Terrier.
PostingListManager The PostingListManager is reponsible for opening the appropriate posting lists IterablePosting given the MatchingQueryTerms object.
QueryResultSet A result set for a given query.
TRECResultsMatching A matching implementation that retrieves results from a TREC result file rather than the current index.

Enum Summary
TRECResultsMatching.InputFormat input format

Package org.terrier.matching Description

Provides the classes and interfaces used for matching documents to queries. It includes the classes that perform the matching by reading information from the inverted index etc., and the classes that model the set of retrieved documents.

Terrier 3.5. Copyright © 2004-2011 University of Glasgow