Class Normalisation2exp

  extended by org.terrier.matching.models.normalisation.Normalisation
      extended by org.terrier.matching.models.normalisation.Normalisation2exp
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public class Normalisation2exp
extends Normalisation

This class implements the DFR normalisation 2 with natural logorithm.

Ben He
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Field Summary
protected  java.lang.String methodName
          The name of the normalisation method .
Fields inherited from class org.terrier.matching.models.normalisation.Normalisation
averageDocumentLength, idf, Nt, numberOfDocuments, numberOfTokens, parameter, termFrequency
Constructor Summary
          The default constructor.
Method Summary
 java.lang.String getInfo()
          Get the name of the normalisation method.
 double normalise(double tf, double docLength, double termFrequency)
          This method gets the normalised term frequency.
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getParameter, setAverageDocumentLength, setDocumentFrequency, setNumberOfDocuments, setNumberOfTokens, setParameter
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Field Detail


protected final java.lang.String methodName
The name of the normalisation method .

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Constructor Detail


public Normalisation2exp()
The default constructor. The hyper-parameter value is set to 1.0 by default.

Method Detail


public java.lang.String getInfo()
Get the name of the normalisation method.

Specified by:
getInfo in class Normalisation
Return the name of the normalisation method.


public double normalise(double tf,
                        double docLength,
                        double termFrequency)
This method gets the normalised term frequency.

Specified by:
normalise in class Normalisation
tf - The frequency of the query term in the document.
docLength - The number of tokens in the document.
termFrequency - The frequency of the query term in the collection.
The normalised term frequency.

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