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uk.ac.gla.terrier.matching.models.normalisation Provides the interface and the classes for implementing the basic models for randomness in the DFR framework. 

Uses of Normalisation in uk.ac.gla.terrier.matching.models.normalisation

Subclasses of Normalisation in uk.ac.gla.terrier.matching.models.normalisation
 class Normalisation0
          This class implements an empty normalisation.
 class Normalisation2
          This class implements the DFR normalisation 2.
 class Normalisation2exp
          This class implements the DFR normalisation 2 with natural logorithm.
 class Normalisation3
          This class implements the Dirichlet Priors normalisation.
 class NormalisationB
          This class implements BM25's normalisation method.
 class NormalisationStatic
          This class implements a Normalisation method that forces all term frequencies to the value of the parameter.

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