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Class TrecTerrier

  extended by TrecTerrier

public class TrecTerrier
extends java.lang.Object

The text-based application that handles querying with Terrier, for TREC-like test collections. TrecTerrier, indexing TREC collections with Terrier.
usage: java TrecTerrier [flags in any order]

-h --help print this message
-V --version print version information
-i --index index a collection
-r --retrieve retrieve from an indexed collection
-e --evaluate evaluates the results in the directory
var/results with the specified qrels file
in the file etc/trec.qrels

If invoked with '-i', then both the direct and
inverted files are build, unless it is specified which
of the structures to build.
-d --direct creates the direct file
-v --inverted creates the inverted file, from an already existing direct
-l --langmodel creates additional structures for language modelling

If invoked with '-r', there are the following options.
-c value parameter value for term frequency normalisation.
If it is not specified, then the default value for each
weighting model is used, eg PL2 => c=1, BM25 b=> 0.75
-q --queryexpand applies query expansion
-l --langmodel applies language modelling

If invoked with '-e', there is the following option.
-p --perquery reports the average precision for each query separately.
filename.res restrict evaluation to filename.res only.

If invoked with one of the following options, then the contents of the
corresponding data structure are shown in the standard output.
--printdocid prints the contents of the document index
--printlexicon prints the contents of the lexicon
--printinverted prints the contents of the inverted file
--printdirect prints the contents of the direct file
--printstats prints statistics about the indexed collection

$Revision: 1.57 $
Vassilis Plachouras

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void applyOptions(int status)
static void main(java.lang.String[] args)
          The main method that starts the application
 void run()
          Calls the required classes from Terrier.
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Constructor Detail


public TrecTerrier()
Method Detail


public static void main(java.lang.String[] args)
The main method that starts the application

args - the command line arguments


public void run()
Calls the required classes from Terrier.


public void applyOptions(int status)

Terrier IR Platform

Terrier Information Retrieval Platform 2.2.1. Copyright 2004-2008 University of Glasgow