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Introduction to Terrier

Overview An overview of what the Terrier platform is, and what it can be used for.
What's New What has changed in the Terrier platform in the recent releases.

Getting Started with Terrier

Installing and Running Terrier Contains information about how to download, install and start running Terrier, and an overview of the applications provided with Terrier.
Terrier Components An overview of the main components of Terrier.

Using Terrier

Configuring Terrier A brief introduction to the configuration of Terrier
Configuring Indexing A guide of indexing, and how it can be configured to your needs.
Configuring Retrieval A guide of the retrieval functionalities, covering frequently-used retrieval methodologies, such as TF-IDF, Okapi's BM25, language models (Hiemstra and Ponte & Croft) and weighting models from the probabilistic Divergence From Randomness (DFR), as well as query expansion (pseudo-relevance feedback).
Terrier's Query Language A description of the query language that Terrier supports.
Evaluation of Experiments Shows how the results of experiments can be evaluated using the in-built evaluation package in Terrier.
Desktop Search A guide to the included Desktop Search application of Terrier.
TREC Experiment Examples An example of how to create an index and produce a TREC run on the WT2G and Blogs06 collections.
Terrier/Hadoop Configuration A guide to how to configure Terrier to use a Hadoop cluster
Hadoop Map Reduce Indexing with Terrier A guide to using the Hadoop Map Reduce indexer in Terrier.
List of all properties in Terrier Extensive list of properties that Terrier supports and what they configure.

Extending Terrier & Other Advanced Topics

Developing with Terrier Introduction to developing applications using Terrier.
Extending Indexing In depth guide about indexing, and the roles of each class in the indexing process.
Extending Retrieval In depth guide about retrieval, and how various retrieval functionalities can be integrated into Terrier. Moreover, how you can use Terrier to obtain various statistics about the terms and the collection.
Non English language support Description of support in Terrier for indexing and retrieving from documents written in languages other than English.
Description of DFR Description of the Divergence From Randomness framework that Terrier implements.
Terrier API Javadoc API documentation of each class in Terrier.
Future Features & Known Issues Upcoming features in future releases.

Other Information

Terrier Forum The Terrier discussion forum is for developers and users of the Terrier platform to discuss the software. Ask questions, post patches and share tips.
Terrier FAQ The Terrier FAQ, hosted on the Terrier Wiki.
Bibliography If you use Terrier in your research, please cite us!
Contacts Terrier Contacts

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