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Remove PonteCroft language modelling



      The PonteCroft language modelling approach is supported in Terrier, but its use involves the creation of additional index structures. This model is seldom used by ourselves, and by the language modelling community. Terrier has support for Hiemstra's LM, and we have in the common package Dirichlet LM.

      It is believed that the framework is operational at present. However, it does not have any unit tests.

      The purpose of this issue is to have a discussion at whether this package is a strategic part to remain in Terrier long term, or whether it should be removed.

      There are three options relating to the framework:
       a. Remove it completely
       b. Move it to common package (where it may stagnate)
       c. Keep it.

      A pre-requisite for b & c are that we add some method for testing that it is functional.

      Please discuss.


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