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Retrieval issues in data
Posted by: riya77 ()
Date: April 12, 2018 09:44PM

Hi , I am unable to retrieve the data from my query file. I tried changing the properties file as well but it doesn't seem to work at all.Also , I tried going through the answers on he forum , but none of their solutions seems to work. Please help.

Error :

02:08:37.173 [main] INFO o.t.structures.CompressingMetaIndex - Structure meta reading lookup file into memory
02:08:37.191 [main] INFO o.t.structures.CompressingMetaIndex - Structure meta loading data file into memory
02:08:37.226 [main] INFO o.t.a.batchquerying.TRECQuerying - time to intialise index : 0.387
02:08:37.246 [main] ERROR o.t.a.batchquerying.TRECQuery - Input/Output exception while extracting queries from the topic file named firedata\en.topics.76-125.2010.txt
java.io.IOException: No id tag found for this query
at org.terrier.applications.batchquerying.TRECQuery.extractQuery(TRECQuery.java:166) [terrier-core-4.2-jar-with-dependencies.jar:na]
at org.terrier.applications.batchquerying.TRECQuery.extractQuery(TRECQuery.java:88) [terrier-core-4.2-jar-with-dependencies.jar:na]
at org.terrier.applications.batchquerying.TRECQuery.<init>(TRECQuery.java:276) [terrier-core-4.2-jar-with-dependencies.jar:na]
at org.terrier.structures.TRECQuery.<init>(TRECQuery.java:54) [terrier-core-4.2-jar-with-dependencies.jar:na]
at sun.reflect.NativeConstructorAccessorImpl.newInstance0(Native Method) [na:1.8.0_101]
at sun.reflect.NativeConstructorAccessorImpl.newInstance(Unknown Source) [na:1.8.0_101]
at sun.reflect.DelegatingConstructorAccessorImpl.newInstance(Unknown Source) [na:1.8.0_101]
at java.lang.reflect.Constructor.newInstance(Unknown Source) [na:1.8.0_101]
at org.terrier.applications.batchquerying.TRECQuerying.getQueryParser(TRECQuerying.java:736) [terrier-core-4.2-jar-with-dependencies.jar:na]
at org.terrier.applications.batchquerying.TRECQuerying.<init>(TRECQuerying.java:273) [terrier-core-4.2-jar-with-dependencies.jar:na]
at org.terrier.applications.TrecTerrier.run(TrecTerrier.java:395) [terrier-core-4.2-jar-with-dependencies.jar:na]
at org.terrier.applications.TrecTerrier.applyOptions(TrecTerrier.java:584) [terrier-core-4.2-jar-with-dependencies.jar:na]
at org.terrier.applications.TrecTerrier.main(TrecTerrier.java:229) [terrier-core-4.2-jar-with-dependencies.jar:na]
02:08:37.246 [main] ERROR o.t.a.batchquerying.TRECQuery - Topic files were specified, but non could be parsed correctly to obtain any topics. Check you have the correct topic files specified, and that TrecQueryTags properties are correct.
A problem occurred: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 0
java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 0
at org.terrier.applications.batchquerying.TRECQuery.getQueryId(TRECQuery.java:410)
at org.terrier.applications.batchquerying.TRECQuerying.processQueries(TRECQuerying.java:781)
at org.terrier.applications.TrecTerrier.run(TrecTerrier.java:396)
at org.terrier.applications.TrecTerrier.applyOptions(TrecTerrier.java:584)
at org.terrier.applications.TrecTerrier.main(TrecTerrier.java:229)

Docs topic file :


<top lang='en'>
<title>Clashes between the Gurjars and Meenas</title>
Reasons behind the protests by Meena leaders against the
inclusion of Gurjars in the Scheduled Tribes.
The Gurjars are agitating in order to attain the status of a
Scheduled Tribe. Leaders belonging to the Meena sect have
been vigorously opposing this move. What are the main reasons
behind the Meenas' opposition? A relevant document should
mention the root cause(s) behind the conflict between these
two sects.

terrier.properties file :

#document tags specification
#for processing the contents of
#the documents, ignoring DOCHDR
#set to true if the tags can be of various case

#query tags specification

#stop-words file

#the processing stages a term goes through
indexer.meta.forward.keylens = 97

PS : I tried using tokeniser , but it gives me a different error which is

Cannot detect the tag , check your tag query properties.

Please help.Thanks in advance.

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Re: Retrieval issues in data
Posted by: riya77 ()
Date: April 13, 2018 06:07PM

Please help someone !

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