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Problem in Evaluation
Posted by: akshatj ()
Date: April 12, 2018 05:51PM

I am working on a hindi corpus and I have indexed the files using terrier and I am also able to do retrieval for given topics.
But during evaluation I am getting the following error

Setting TERRIER_HOME to /home/siddhant/Documents/IR/terrier-core-4.2
22:18:56.351 [main] INFO o.t.evaluation.TrecEvalEvaluation - Evaluating result file: /home/siddhant/Documents/IR/terrier-core-4.2/var/Ass2/results/In_expC2c1.0_9.res
A problem occurred: java.lang.RuntimeException: trec_eval ended with non-zero exit code (2)
java.lang.RuntimeException: trec_eval ended with non-zero exit code (2)
at uk.ac.gla.terrier.jtreceval.trec_eval.runAndGetOutput(trec_eval.java:152)
at org.terrier.evaluation.TrecEvalEvaluation.evaluate(TrecEvalEvaluation.java:40)
at org.terrier.applications.TrecTerrier.run(TrecTerrier.java:527)
at org.terrier.applications.TrecTerrier.applyOptions(TrecTerrier.java:584)
at org.terrier.applications.TrecTerrier.main(TrecTerrier.java:229)

I have also checked the collection.spec for duplicates. But there were none.

Can someone give some suggestions?

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Re: Problem in Evaluation
Posted by: craigm ()
Date: April 13, 2018 11:23AM


Does bin/anyclass.sh uk.ac.gla.terrier.jtreceval.trec_eval work or give an error?

if it gives an error, could you let me know your operating system, and if linux?

There is a known issue on some ubuntu platforms, but I havent gotten to the bottom of it yet.


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