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bm25 parameter settings
Posted by: Anna ()
Date: March 15, 2018 10:44AM

I'd like to change the parameters of bm25 when doing retrieval. I perform the following command to change the value of k_1 and b under terrier4.2:

trec_retrieval.sh -Dtrec.model=BM25 -Dk_1=2.0d -Db=0.65d

But it seems do nothing to the parameter changing of bm25, the result file is still BM25b0.75*.

Can you please give me some suggestions?
Thank you!

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Re: bm25 parameter settings
Posted by: craigm ()
Date: March 16, 2018 10:33AM

Good question. For BM25, the "b" parameter can be changed using -c on the TrecTerrier commandline. The others are currently hard-coded into the source, so you would have to recompile. It would be easy to make these configurable, e.g. by calling ApplicationSetup.


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