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Blocks and fields support in the Memory Index
Posted by: petra1 ()
Date: August 31, 2017 12:39PM

I would like to index corpus with different fields using Memory Index. Moreover, I need a phrase search, so I am also using block indexing. However, it looks like there is no support for this in the Memory Index. I am getting following warning during the indexing: WARN o.t.realtime.memory.MemoryIndex - MemoryIndex: Creating new MemoryIndex, properties indicate that blocks and fields should be selected, but are not supported.

- Can I ask if there is any way how to get field indexing and block indexing running in the MemoryIndex?
Preferably, I would like to further use it in the IncrementalIndex.

- I can see that there was probably a support for field indexing in 4.1 version. Therefore, I also tried to use MemoryFieldIndex, but I am getting empty index using the write method. Is the MemoryFieldIndex supposed to work in 4.2 version?

Thank you,

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