The latest version of Terrier is 5.5, released 20/05/2021.

Released Terrier versions:

Current Version - Changes
terrier-project-5.5-bin.tar.gz (binaries) 99Mb Unix/Linux/MacOS X 5.5 20/05/2021 (binaries) 103Mb Windows
terrier-project-5.5-src.tar.gz (sources) 2.7Mb Unix/Linux/MacOS X (sources) 3.5Mb Windows
Older Versions
terrier-project-5.4-bin.tar.gz (binaries) 91Mb Unix/Linux/MacOS X 5.4 18/01/2021 (binaries) 95Mb Windows
terrier-project-5.4-src.tar.gz (sources) 2.7Mb Unix/Linux/MacOS X (sources) 3.5Mb Windows
terrier-project-5.3-bin.tar.gz (binaries) 91Mb Unix/Linux/MacOS X 5.3 24/06/2020 (binaries) 95Mb Windows
terrier-project-5.3-src.tar.gz (sources) 2.7Mb Unix/Linux/MacOS X (sources) 3.5Mb Windows
terrier-project-5.2-bin.tar.gz (binaries) 102Mb Unix/Linux/MacOS X 5.2 09/01/2020 (binaries) 106Mb Windows
terrier-project-5.2-src.tar.gz (sources) 2.9Mb Unix/Linux/MacOS X (sources) 3.8Mb Windows
terrier-project-5.1-bin.tar (binaries) 106Mb Unix/Linux/MacOS X 5.1 14/01/2019 (binaries) 114Mb Windows
terrier-project-5.1-src.tar (sources) 2.8Mb Unix/Linux/MacOS X (sources) 3.8Mb Windows
terrier-project-5.0-bin.tar.gz (binaries) 111Mb Unix/Linux/MacOS X 5.0 04/07/2018 (binaries) 116Mb Windows
terrier-project-5.0-src.tar.gz (sources) 2.8Mb Unix/Linux/MacOS X (sources) 3.7Mb Windows
terrier-core-4.4-bin.tar.gz (binaries) 82Mb Unix/Linux/MacOS X 4.4 04/07/2016 (binaries) 89Mb Windows
terrier-core-4.4-src.tar.gz (sources) 3.6Mb Unix/Linux/MacOS X (sources) 1.3Mb Windows
terrier-core-4.3-bin.tar.gz (binaries) 82Mb Unix/Linux/MacOS X 4.3 21/06/2016 (binaries) 89Mb Windows
terrier-core-4.3-src.tar.gz (sources) 3.6Mb Unix/Linux/MacOS X (sources) 1.3Mb Windows
terrier-core-4.2-bin.tar.gz (binaries) 82Mb Unix/Linux/MacOS X 4.2 22/12/2016 (binaries) 89Mb Windows
terrier-core-4.2-src.tar.gz (sources) 3.6Mb Unix/Linux/MacOS X (sources) 1.3Mb Windows
terrier-core-4.1-bin.tar.gz (binaries) 72Mb Unix/Linux/MacOS X 4.1 04/12/2015 (binaries) 76Mb Windows
terrier-core-4.1-src.tar.gz (sources) 1.8Mb Unix/Linux/MacOS X (sources) 1.2Mb Windows
terrier-core-4.1-ant.tar.gz (sources+lib) 79Mb Unix/Linux/MacOS X (sources+lib) 74Mb Windows
terrier-4.0.tar.gz 58Mb Unix/Linux/MacOS X 4.0 18/06/2014 61Mb Windows
terrier-3.6.tar.gz 42Mb Unix/Linux/MacOS X 3.6 03/04/2014 46Mb Windows
terrier-3.5.tar.gz 32Mb Unix/Linux/MacOS X 3.5 16/06/2011 35Mb Windows
terrier-3.0.tar.gz 13Mb Unix/Linux/MacOS X 3.0 10/03/2010 15Mb Windows
terrier-2.2.1.tar.gz 8.5Mb Unix/Linux/MacOS X 2.2.1 29/01/2009 11Mb Windows
terrier-2.2.tar.gz 8.5Mb Unix/Linux/MacOS X 2.2 23/12/2008 11Mb Windows
terrier-2.1.tar.gz 5.9Mb Unix/Linux/MacOS X 2.1 19/03/2008 7.4Mb Windows
terrier-2.0.tar.gz 5.9Mb Unix/Linux/MacOS X 2.0 04/01/2008 7.4Mb Windows
terrier-1.1.1.tar.gz 5.7Mb Unix/Linux/MacOS X 1.1.1 24/10/2007 6.9Mb Windows
terrier-1.1.0.tar.gz 5.6Mb Unix/Linux/MacOS X 1.1.0 15/06/2007 6.7Mb Windows
terrier-1.0.2.tar.gz 4.8Mb Unix/Linux/MacOS X 1.0.2 17/03/2005 5.7Mb Windows
terrier-1.0.1.tar.gz 4.8Mb Unix/Linux/MacOS X 1.0.1 09/02/2005 5.6Mb Windows
terrier-1.0.0.tar.gz 4.8Mb Unix/Linux/MacOS X 1.0.0 28/01/2005 5.6Mb Windows
terrier-1.0b2.tar.gz 788Kb Unix/Linux/MacOS X 1.0 Beta 2 22/11/2004
terrier-1.0b.tar.gz 788Kb Unix/Linux/MacOS X 1.0 Beta 18/11/2004